oh, hai der!

Whatsup?! and welcome to ma blog, yo. As you probably can clearly see, i’m a newb at this and have nothing cool on ma blog…yet!

OH! Right, I forgot. My name’s Kristina 🙂 or djkrispy, or stinky or etc. Yes my friends call me “etc” … NAWT. Anyways yeah, I love music and dance & a whole bunch of other stuff. Ma fav color’s green!

Some of you may be wondering (probably not) as to why I made a blog. WELL, i don’t know… just ’cause I guess. I’ve seen that a lot of people were making them, and decided that I shall make one as well. Just to be like the cool kidz, ya know?

Mostly I’ll be posting new music that I find, actually that’s probably all I’ll be doing… Maybe some photos and some random “blogging” here and there.

So take it easy, kliiishtttinnaaaa


One thought on “oh, hai der!

  1. GViau says:

    Doooope! Jeaaaaa blogs. Stoked you made one!

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