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oh, hai der!

Whatsup?! and welcome to ma blog, yo. As you probably can clearly see, i’m a newb at this and have nothing cool on ma blog…yet!

OH! Right, I forgot. My name’s Kristina 🙂 or djkrispy, or stinky or etc. Yes my friends call me “etc” … NAWT. Anyways yeah, I love music and dance & a whole bunch of other stuff. Ma fav color’s green!

Some of you may be wondering (probably not) as to why I made a blog. WELL, i don’t know… just ’cause I guess. I’ve seen that a lot of people were making them, and decided that I shall make one as well. Just to be like the cool kidz, ya know?

Mostly I’ll be posting new music that I find, actually that’s probably all I’ll be doing… Maybe some photos and some random “blogging” here and there.

So take it easy, kliiishtttinnaaaa